Welsh Literature (Elisa e Giulia 3D)

Welsh literature could be divided into two parts: literature of the poets of the prince from 1110 to 1282, before the loss of independence of Wales; literature of poets of the nobly from 1282 to 1600. Welsh poets used bardic names to hide their identity during one of the oldest festivals of Wales, Eisteddfod. Eisteddfod is the biggest festival of Welsh culture and every year takes place in a different region.

ROAL DAHL was born in 1916 in Llandaff, he died in 1990 at the age of 74. One of his most famous books is The Witches, where a grandmother is the main character, based on Dahl’s mother. She encouraged him to write books and stories, telling him tales about mythical creatures. He developed his ability to write, keeping a diary since he was a child. Remembering his mother he also published Roal Dahl’s Cookbook. Some of his masterpieces are: The chocolate factory (He wrote this book because chocolate was his favourite food), The Gremlins (It was the first book written for Disney). James and the giant Peach. The BFG

DYLAN MARLAIS THOMAS was a Welsh poet, writer and dramatist and he wrote poetry, screenplays,  autobiographical comments and letters. He is most famous for his play “Under milk wood” and when it was broadcasted on the radio in 1954 and Thomas also acted in it, he won the Prix Italia. Dylan Thomas was born in 1914 in Swansea and his father was a teacher in a local grammar school. At eleven years old he published his first poetry in the school magazine. He wrote about death, nature, love and the dramatic union of all creation. The most famous of his poems was “ And death shall have no dominion”. In 1936 he married the ballerina Kathleen McNamara and they had 3 children . They moved to Laugharne, and the house by the sea inspired him to write the drama “Under milk wood”. After writing other works he slided into a dissolute life ruined by alcohol which drove his family to poverty. His best poetries and stories were those which describe his origins in Wales and he described the winding roads, hills, gardens and farmers, the wind from the sea and the scents of the countryside.  He travelled to the United States and he was commissioned the libretto for an opera by Igor Stravinsky, but he wasn’t able to do this because after several visits to America he became very ill.  He eventually died on 9th  November 1953, the following year Stravinsky composed the piece “In  memory of D. Thomas” .


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    I remember when I was young and green among the fern hill….”


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