The largest aquaria in Europe

  • Oceanogràfic (Valencia, Spain) is the largest aquarium in the Europe and one of the biggest aquaria in the world with 45,000 marine creatures including the Antarctic, Arctic, and Mediterranean Sea ecosystems.
  • Acquario di Genova (Genova, Italy) is Europe’s second-largest aquarium, representing marine life from the Mediterranean and the world’s oceans.
  • Sea Life London Aquarium (London, UK) presents different global marine ecosystems and its Shark Walk allows visitors to walk along a glass platform above the shark tank.
  • Budapest Tropicarium (Budapest, Hungary) is Central Europe’s largest aquarium and replicates habitats of sea and land creatures alike.
  • Nordsøen Oceanarium (Hirtshals, Denmark) shows different aspects of the North Sea’s ecosystem and exhibits devoted to the North Sea’s regional fishing industry.
  • AquaDom (Berlin, Germany) is a cylindrical aquarium (over 25 meters high, with an 11-meter outer diameter), a water tower with a transparent elevator that passes through all tanks.
  • Turkuazoo (Istanbul, Turkey) opened in 2009, is the largest publicly funded aquarium in Europe and is also an epicentre for marine research in the region.


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